Stategic planning

Efficient planning of actions and ressources by using Agile Project Management.

  • 360° business strategy
  • Emperical ressource deployment plan

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Necessary business development & marketing assets to trigger sales.

  • Branding, advertising & lead generation
  • Commercial representation

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Design and coding

Architecture and code to build online based businesses and generate traffic.

  • From logo to annimated videos
  • Website development

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Seeking a skillful project manager who cares?

Hire experienced entrepreneurs! Grow your team & business…

We undertake projects when our skills and available network cover over 80% of the workload. The remaining is outsourced or performed by our client. We restrict the number of projects that we undertake. Therefore, we see to each project by focusing our hearts, brains and energies!

Take a look at some of my skills

Sales & Business DevelopmentPro
Cost EngineeringAdvanced
Strategic PlanningExpert
Product and Service DevelopmentPro
HTML, CSS, PHP, and WordPress CodingExpert
SEO, Google Adwords, and Social Media MarketingAdvanced
Design, UX and Content WritingPro
Audit & ModerationExpert

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